Thinking in Terms of Reality Based Succession Planning

With 1,234 CEO departures in 2010, 1,178 in 2011 and 999 in 2012, turnover rate is down marginally from prior years according to research offered by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc. Here the company’s CEO John Challenger affirmed, “We may see heavy turnover continue into 2013 as the economy continues to improve and companies shake… Read More >

Ideas for Successful Business Model Integration

Today’s workforce is broader than ever, composed of a labor pool that utilizes both full- or part-time employees and non-employees (contractors, freelancers, temporary workers, etc.). Whether a company is in the beginning stages of incorporating contingent workers into their business model, or if it has been utilizing this method for years, each organization will hold… Read More >

Cindy Lubitz on The Recruitment Challenges for Small Businesses

Having consulted and coached organizations of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), I have found a few things to be consistently true. One notable and frustrating observation: recruiting efforts so often fall short within small and medium-sized businesses. What’s more, because of the size of these organizations, inconsistencies and errors… Read More >

Newtonian Physics and Building Momentum: Cindy Lubitz in Fast Company

These are interesting times when talking about workforce changes, challenges and opportunities. One area I see the organizations I counsel struggle with the most: the development of continuous, business-driving momentum. Of course, it’s human capital that ultimately drives or stalls the momentum within any organization. But, when you’re in the thick of it, day in… Read More >

When Leaders Say, “We Need to Change the Culture Here”

This post courtesy of The Conference Board’s Human Capital Exchange. All too often, when leaders talk about culture at their organization, they solely concentrate on what’s wrong with it. But, if you ask how things are going, are you on plan, or is the new strategy working, the response is “fine” or “okay.” However, after… Read More >