Global Recruiting Strategies

I recently had the honor of contributing to a Diversity Executive Magazine piece by Deanna Hartley on the subject of global recruiting. Featured alongside other HR thought leaders, I thought it important to share my view on how to avoid a templated approach as it relates to creating an effective global recruiting strategy. Technology has… Read More >

How to Handle the Contingent Workforce

By examining the varying policies from organization to organization, you will find that the methods of managing a contingent workforce hardly bare resemblance. Because each company’s composition tends to have a unique mix of traditional and non-traditional employees, the best way to manage today’s blended workforce often must be determined independently through strategic trial and… Read More >

It’s All About Defining Integrated Talent Management

This post courtesy of The Conference Board’s Human Capital Exchange. Today, more than ever, human resources leaders are expected to partner with business leaders on strategic human capital and talent challenges that impact company success and growth. A different perspective and set of capabilities and skills are necessary for HR to operate at the strategic… Read More >

Applying Metrics to Gauge the Success of an Onboarding Program

Recently, I read an article on the topic of successful onboarding that posed the question, “So, how do you get it right?” According to the piece, 86% of new hires decide whether to stay or leave an organization within the first 6 months. And worse, The Wynhurst Group reports 22% of turnover occurs during the… Read More >

Interim Executives Support Agile Business Practices

Workplace guru Daniel Pink wrote a seminal piece in Dec. 31, 1997 for Fast Company called, “Free Agent Nation,” that still is being referenced as a look at the future of work. The “self-employed, the independent contractors, the temps” that make up the working definition of the Free Agent Nation are making their way to… Read More >

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