A Contrarian View of the Yahoo Debate: iTC in Entrepreneur.com

When word spread like wildfire about Yahoo Chief Exec Marissa Mayer’s company memo on a teleworking policy change, it led to all kinds of fury and fed the media circuit for two solid weeks (and counting). Mayer, through an internal memo from her head of HR, announced all telecommuting employees must begin reporting to the… Read More >

Diversity and Inclusion: The New Face of Discrimination

In 2005, I conducted a session for SHRM on Best Practices in Diversity/Inclusion. I recently came across my presentation and, out of curiosity, reviewed my slides and notes to see what may have changed over the last seven years. It turns out, quite a bit! First, let’s look at the improvements we have seen. Most… Read More >

Managing Your HR: The Compass of the Contingent Workforce

The role contingent or contract talent in the workforce mix is leaving many employers unsure of how to best utilize, manage the varied talent. An evolving trend is forcing HR Leaders to re-evaluate their approach to this emerging fact of corporate life. According to Cindy Lubitz, Managing Director of inTalent Consulting Group contingent labor has… Read More >

Characteristics of Contingent Workers

Often times, the contingent workforce is described as a combination of full- and part-time employees and non-employees, which can be freelancers, independent professionals, temporary workers and consultants. Because each employer must navigate these waters in their own way, ratio is always unique to the company, dependent upon the needs of the business and the goals… Read More >

From Davos: Education to Employment Crisis

I saw this interesting video by McKinsey & Company on the “education to employment crisis” which they shared at the 2013 World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. I encourage you to take a couple minutes to watch. It says that approximately 75 million recent graduates across the world cannot find a job. Simultaneously, employers cannot… Read More >