Making It Personal: 3 Tips for Keeping Employees Happy During Tough Times

Guest post by Kadi McDonald Expenses are increasing everywhere, but most notably, in the airline industry. Airlines are pinching their pennies and compromising their customer service – cutting staff, charging for baggage and squeezing more passengers onto flights than ever before.  So how does an airline hold the tenth spot on Fortune’s list of the… Read More >

In Leaders Must We Trust?

This post courtesy of The Conference Board’s Human Capital Exchange. Revisionist history was not just for Soviet regimes. Romantics often mentally rewrite memories of history and of the times they lived in. An earlier era or decade becomes longed for, an emotionally photo-shopped reflection of a time that was so much better. Revisionism takes hold as soon as… Read More >

Staff Augmentation and SOW Contingent Workforces

Non-employees, or contingent professionals, are an integral component of a strategic workplace. But with temporary hires, many questions come into play from the simple to the more complex. Do we extend the same benefits we do to permanent employees? Are they a part of annual planning and strategy? How do we make them feel like… Read More >

HR Tech in 2013. What’s next?

In December, I was quoted among industry thought leaders in a piece for titled, “6 Changes In Store for HR Technology in 2013.”  This query emerged a few times last year and clearly is a point of interest. As it should be. Technology will be used in all sorts of ways to increase efficiencies,… Read More >

Three New Year’s Resolutions HR Professionals Should Keep

The Mayans were wrong; the world didn’t end on Dec. 21.  If you were too busy preparing for the end of the world and didn’t think about your resolutions for 2013, we’ve got you covered. Rather than resorting to the ever popular “I’m going to lose 15 pounds,” here are three resolutions you can actually… Read More >