A company is only as strong as the quality and alignment of its talent. We help you maintain, retain and prepare your employees to be in sync with your corporate goals. We have multiple offerings for you to select including:

Talent Strategy

A sustainable talent pipeline is central to ensuring your company’s business growth strategy. Talent management strategy needs to be customized and aligned with an organization’s business challenges and unique operating environment to ensure its positive impact on the bottom line. We work with our clients’ strategic and operational business plans and convert them into practical work force strategies. We can partner with your company to design a talent road map to enable business growth.

Performance Management

We can revamp or build a performance management process that ensures alignment of company objectives, leader objectives and the performance of each individual employee.Having a clear line of sight from the CEO’s objectives to each person’s work efforts is key to an effective performance process. The best performance management process is simple, scalable and sustainable; it will link organizational priorities with individual work objectives and will also highlight talent that has potential to take on greater roles in the organization.

Succession and Pipeline Planning

Are you concerned that your company may lack sufficient “ready now” candidates to replace planned or unplanned losses of key leaders. Is the future continuity and performance of your business is at risk because of this talent gap? With our help you can be confident that your company is well positioned to respond to succession events.

During our process we will:

1. Determine the key leaders for whom successors will be identified
2. Identify the competencies of current key leaders

  • Identify experience and duties required
  • Identify personality, political savvy, judgment
  • Identify leadership skills

3. Select the high-potential members who will participate in succession planning

  • Identify gap between what the high-potential members are able to do presently and what they must do in the leadership role
  • Create a development plan for each high-potential member to prepare him or her for the leadership position
  • Perform development activities with each high-potential member

Executive Coaching

Our coaches have years of experience partnering with executives to enhance their personal and professional impact. We challenge our clients to examine their routine ways of thinking and seeing. We help people transform from manager to leader and from student to mentor. We offer coaching programs utilizing a variety of diagnostic tools to assess, develop and promote sustained behavior change.We begin the process by conducting an executive assessment and a 360 degree feedback. Once we have a diagnostic of strengths, potential gaps, and areas for development, we can map a plan for desired outcomes. We create a powerfully rich learning environment that helps our clients focus their corporate and individual energies to obtain a clear vision of what is needed to achieve their goals.

Leadership Development

We enhance the quality of leadership at either an individual or organizational level. We can design, develop and implement leadership and high potential programs that generate the strength you need to achieve your corporate goals.