Atlanta Business Chronicle: Culture of Trust Key to Keeping Top Talent

Article by Cindy Lubitz, inTalent Consulting Group Open communication is the key to creating a sustainable workplace culture where trust grows. Transparency builds trust. Dialogue builds trust. Implement a communication plan that tells your team what you know and what they need to know to excel. The more trust you create with your employees, the… Read More >

NH Business Review: NH’s Changing Workforce; Online AARP tool shines a light on workforce issues

“We agreed to be a part of this because the very fact that AARP is out there talking about workforce demographics is so important,” said Cindy Lubitz, co-managing partner of InTalent Consulting. “This tool presents an opportunity to take a look at the broader issues of workforce planning.” From: New Hampshire Business Review |  By:… Read More >

New York Times: More Help Wanted: Older Workers Please Apply

Cindy Milburn [Lubitz], senior director of staffing at Home Depot, said the company was looking to older workers to fill a labor shortage a decade from now. “We wanted to plant seeds early on,” she said, to build relationships with groups like AARP and government agencies that help people, including military retirees, find jobs. From:… Read More >

USA Today: Site to List Over-50 Friendly Firms

Home Depot was first to hook up with the AARP a year ago. AARP members it hired have had lower turnover and absenteeism and often show up to work early. Home Depot senior staffing director Cindy Milburn [Lubitz] says 74% of AARP members pass the online application test vs. 60% of all applicants. From: USA… Read More >

Business 2.0 Magazine: Home Depot Goes Old School

By Melanie Warner (Business 2.0) – As an engineer who spent 34 years at NASA’s Johnson Space Center, Rob Roy has the kind of technical acumen that makes explaining the differences between competing washing machines a breeze. And he’s spent half his adult life nurturing a passion for remodeling homes. “Name anything about a house… Read More >

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