Care and Feeding for the Purple Squirrel

You’re searching for the elusive purple squirrel. You know what I’m talking about … the candidate who works across several of today’s hottest technology platforms, lives in the local area, and is willing to work below market value. You’ve worked tirelessly on this search, and finally, finally, you’ve found two candidates. Two brilliant, beautiful, well… Read More >

Corporate Recruiting vs. Contract Recruiting: The Dark Side or the Land of Milk & Honey?

I’ve spent the past nine years in corporate recruiting, with the last four leading the function. My team filled 150 jobs per year, which represented 10% of the overall corporate workforce. I had a full service recruiting team – they did it all: sourced candidates, schmoozed hiring managers, reviewed thousands of resumes, scheduled interviews, dispositioned… Read More >

The 1099 Economy. Have you spotted it yet?

We get asked this question regularly from companies of all shapes and sizes: what’s the difference between a freelancer (or contract worker) and the 1099ers that makes up some of their workforce. Let’s see if this can translate into a fairly succinct read. Both groups—freelancers and 1099ers receive 1099 statements from employers to satisfy the… Read More > Webinar: To RPO or Not To RPO

Webinar may be found here. inTalent’s Mary Clair Ryan co-presents with Christine Nichlos of People Science. By now most of the HR community is familiar with the term RPO, recruitment processing outsourcing, and as evidenced in our findings, many have varied ideas of what is or is not RPO. The title or category of RPO… Read More >

HR Executive Magazine: Attracting and Assessing HR Talent

Article by Cindy Lubitz, inTalent Consulting Group Assessment of talent is an art, not a science. Yet HR professionals tend to prescribe more structured methods for other executive positions than for themselves. The entire HR toolbox should be available for attracting, assessing, selecting and on-boarding candidates. From: Human Resource Executive | ┬áBy: Cindy Lubitz Most… Read More >