1099 Workforce … Worth It?

Clients often ask, Is it worth the admin hassle to have contractors? Followed by, What benefit is there to employing 1099ers as a strategy? Good questions for sure, but not a lot of resources out there providing answers. Why? Because this labor pool has sort of crept up on us as a viable, resourceful and… Read More >

C-Suite Succession Planning: Why you should take note

Recently, I had the honor of being featured on CorpMagazine.com in their Executives & Entrepreneurs Expert Advice section with a guest piece, “Why C-Suite Succession Planning is Crucial for Success.” The premise of the article and one of the key takeaways is this:   Interestingly, as the economy improves, CEO turnover increases. According to a… Read More >

The Recruiting Hairball

It’s hard to forecast what will happen as every possible indicator says something different. Then you toss on what is happening globally and it looks like this … a big recruiting hairball. Here’s what you read. TIME Magazine called it the “decade from hell.” Bureau of Labor Statistics posted data in 2009 that the U.S…. Read More >

Succession & Talent Planning

Mitt Romney in the midst of choosing his vice presidential running mate equates to just about the highest level of succession planning there is. Who will take the reins should something unexpected happen? That kind of transition can be scary for the largest corporations and, just as much, the smallest of establishments that are so… Read More >

Corp Magazine: Why C-Suite Succession Planning is Crucial for Success

The revolving door of C-suite leadership appears to be spinning faster. As a result, the need for identifying and training an organization’s next generation leaders becomes a critically important business strategy. This is the new reality of strategic succession planning. Interestingly, as the economy improves, CEO turnover increases. According to a Bloomberg report, U.S. companies… Read More >