EEOC: Relief of Guilt

The first and second blogs I wrote on the topic of the new EEOC guidance described the details of the ruling and the lack of accurate data for background check partners. In a final installment on the topic, I wanted to include further information from my interview with a background check provider.  We talked about… Read More >

It's All About Defining Integrated Talent Management

Today, more than ever, human resources leaders are expected to partner with business leaders on strategic human capital and talent challenges that impact company success and growth. A different perspective and set of capabilities and skills are necessary for HR to operate at the strategic impact level. Operational excellence is no longer enough. Impacting and… Read More >

Keeping the Lions at Bay (Part 2)

Building and Influencing Relationships with Hiring Managers, Finance, Legal and Procurement (Part 2) I wrote in the first of this two-part blog series that there is no other Human Resources function subject to more criticism and critique than Talent Acquisition. We discussed how to build relationships with TA stakeholders and partners in order to advance your… Read More >

Five Tips for Making HR More Social Media Savvy

As a human resources professional, having a social media presence should be a top priority for you and your department. Whether you work for a large organization or a tiny business, using social media for networking and professional purposes is essential to your success.  A social media plan is the roadmap to identify goals for… Read More >

EEOC: Inaccurate Results

In my first blog post on the subject titled, EEOC_Background_Check_Confusion, I discussed the new EEOC ruling on acceptable use of criminal information during the background check.  Naturally, the ruling addresses disparate treatment of applicants, however, what I found interesting were the issues raise in a 2011 study by the Department of Justice/Bureau of Justice Statistics… Read More >

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