The Situation

A national fast food restaurant chain was facing high attrition in most of its locations. The company realized that the key to solving the problem was giving front-line managers the tools and information they needed to increase retention.

The Challenges

The restaurant managers needed to improve their recruiting, leadership and retention skills in order to reduce attrition, which in some cases was more than 150%. The attrition was hurting the company’s bottom line and affecting quality and customer service. But the managers were resistant to taking time away from their urgent daily tasks in order to “take a class.” They needed to see this training as an investment that would pay off with lower turnover and happier employees.

The inTalent Solution

Because of their background in retail and service industries, the inTalent team understands the challenges faced by front-line managers. They knew that these folks needed training and tools that were manageable, actionable and aligned with real life. First, inTalent developed and delivered in-person leadership training that covered:

  • Keys to proactively recruiting and thoughtfully selecting the right people
  • Ways to leverage existing tools in order to drive performance management
  • Low- or no-cost ideas for rewarding and retaining the right team members

In addition, inTalent put simple, effective tools in the managers’ hands so they had what they needed to resolve attrition issues in their stores: no cost recruiting tips, hourly interview guide, orientation checklist and training materials that the managers could use with their teams.

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