The Situation

A mid-sized company found that it lacked the depth of talent necessary to sustain its projected growth. The company needed additional sources of leadership talent and they needed to build a pipeline. They were interested in building a college recruiting program and subsequent development process for the new hires that would be a significant part of the strategy.

The Challenges

The company had limited (ad hoc) experience with college recruiting, and therefore had no formal presence on campuses. This lack of experience also meant that management didn’t know what they wanted, in terms of program requirements and guidelines.

The inTalent Solution

The inTalent team created a customized, soup-to-nuts approach that comprised:

  • Building a University Recruiting strategy that clearly spelled out the necessary details:
    • how many, and which, schools to target;
    • the roles and goals of the on-campus teams;
    • what tools were needed to support the efforts.
  • Creating these tools, including:
    • The overall on-campus presentation
    • Recruiting collateral (posters, brochures, giveaway ideas)
    • A tool to help interviewers evaluate and rank resumes
      Interview guides (containing suggested questions, legal do’s and don’ts, etc.)
  • Developing the structure and process for conducting final round interviews that were to be held at the company’s headquarters
  • Building and conducting training for all company leaders, in order to communicate and educate them about the new UR strategy, how to use the tools, how to form their recruiting teams, and help them practice their interview skills.

inTalent was then able to test the strategy and tools in real time, when they represented the company at their first on-campus recruiting visit at the University of Florida.

As the final step, once the company’s new University Relations program manager was hired, inTalent trained her to ensure a smooth transition.

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