The Situation

A major beverage bottler/distributor needed to expand their approach to acquiring talent. The new Vice President of Human Resources hired inTalent to create an enterprise-wide, three-pronged approach to college recruiting that would: hire and employ summer interns, build a co-op program in which college students work full-time at the company while still in school and build their leadership pipeline.

The Challenges

Although the company’s management believed in internships and co-op programs in theory, they didn’t have alignment across the organization to put together a comprehensive approach. Their efforts to date had been successful, but only within a couple of specific functions in the organization. inTalent needed to plan the overall approach that would help the leaders think through both the strategy and the logistics.

The inTalent Solution

Applying the due diligence we’re known for, inTalent began by identifying the current state of college hiring within the company. We conducted an in-depth needs assessment with business leaders from key areas of the company, discovering their short- and long-term hiring needs, and what type of people were most successful there.

Then inTalent led a cross-functional team to develop the requirements for the three programs. After the strategy was approved, inTalent built the tools to support it, starting with the overarching approach and hiring guidelines, and concluding with recommendations for training and development.

At the end of the process, inTalent had delivered a clear road map to help the company implement a complex, yet effective, college recruiting program that could work across the organization and allow the functions to participate depending on their unique needs.

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